Esther​- “It’s Tough Being a Woman”

Esther – It’s tough being a woman by Beth Moore

“Join us as we study the book of Esther. From a Royal mess, to a contest for a Queen, a raging passion for honor, and if you remain silent. To a table set for Providence and what goes around, to where is the man? The right to be ready and the tables turned… “I promise we won’t read all 10 chapters in one setting. Quite the contrary, we’ll have the joy of taking one brief segment of scripture at a time, pouring over it, musing over it, and learning what on earth to do with it. When we turn the last page, you will know this fascinating story like the back of your hand. You’ll also find your own story within it… if you’re willing. I’m game. Are you? Then let’s get started”! -Beth Moore

Beginning Wednesday, January 31st we’ll meet every other Wednesday wrapping this study up on April 3rd. Join us as we walk life together learning strong lessons of faith, providence, and hope to equip us to live courageously “for such a time as this”.

Workbook to purchase: Esther – Bible Study Book: It’s Tough Being a Woman